Freshen up with TNW Rose water


Everyone wants to know the product that we can carry everywhere and has several benefits. TNW Rose water and TNW Lip balm are two of such products that I am having my heart. They are easy to carry and have several benefits. These products are your perfect natural skincare partner that can take care of your skin everywhere. I am in love with all the products of TNW, they are absolutely flawless sand beneficial.

Feel fresh with TNW Rosewater

Humidity and moisture is common in summers. It is problematic for those who satay under this extreme hotness. TNW Rosewater can be your all time saviour of the season. A single spray of it can make you feel refreshing and hydrated. This pure rose water is made up of real roses.Many other brands, add alcohol in their rosewater to increase the life of the product but TNW Rose water is pure and alcohol free. One must carry this tiny bottle in the bag everytime everywhere.

Tired of dry and chapped lips?

If so, then TNW Beetroot Lip balm is the right product you should use. It is natural and chemical free. Usually, lip shades open while we carry in our bags but this Beetroot lip balm comes in a very tiny and cute box. It is easy to carry. One must carry this in bag, in all season, all day. This can be your perfect lip care partner, which hydrates your lips and make it soft. It can also be used to give a final touch to the look or emergency meetings that are planned just a call before.

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